CCTV Cameras & Systems

When I was working for Inter-M as a lead firmware engineer, I was given many opportunities to implement various micro-controller firmware applications for CCTV cameras and systems. Mainly I used Sumsung 8-Bit micro-controllers and ATMEL 89C51.

VCD-740, Low Shutter Dome Camera

VCD-741, Low Shutter Dome Camera

VDC-740, Box Camera

PDC-2000, Protocol Converter

VRC-1104T, Pan/Tilt Zoom Controller

TB-9232, Terminal Board

VQD-1404, Quad Switcher

  • Lead Firmware Engineer at Visual Department, R&D Institute.
  • Responsible for all aspect of the Software development, from the preparation of the Specification through to the formal release and maintenance.
  • Implement Microprocessor firmware using Assembly language and C.
  • Implement Windows application for development/manufacturing. 

  • 01/2002 ~ 06/2002: VRC-1104T, TB-9232
  • 12/2002 ~ 03/2003: VCD-740, VDC-740 NTSC/PAL
  • 08/2003 ~ 12/2003: VCD-741, VDC-740 NTSC/PAL
  • 09/2003 ~ 12/2003: PDC-2000
  • 12/2003 ~ 05/2004: VQD-1404