Audio/Video Mixer

Audio/Video Mixer so-called VMX-1104 is a stand alone type of Audio and Video Mixer that mainly use in a small scale broadcasting system such as churches or school studios. It offers various image effects and audio/video transitions with a high picture quality and a high sound quality.

  • 4 channels A/V input, 6 channels A/V output: Composite video, S-Video, Component video, RGB, Unbalanced audio, headphone
  • Operator Screen- Convenient and intuitional GUI like a PC: SXGA(1280x1024) resolution, support 256 colors, Support PS/2 Mouse 
  • 22 Effects: Brightness, Contrast, Hue, Saturation, Black&White, Sepia, Binary, Negative, Posterize, Mirror, Half Mirror, Flip, Half Flip, Sharpness, Blurring, Edge, Embossing, Mosaic, Diffuse, Pencil, Color Selection, Wave 
  • Useful and effective 256 transition patterns: Cut, Fade, Wipe, Edge, various Trajectories
  • Transition Direction: Forward, Reverse
  • Transition speed: 9 steps
  • Video and audio individually selection possibility
  • Color virtual channel (16 color)
  • 120 border shape appointment possibility of pattern
  • Automatic and manual transition function 
  • 11 Various Special Effect: Single PIP, Multi PIP, Freeze, Strobe, Chroma Key, Edit Screen, Ghost, Trajectory
  • Practice Function: Check the display result only shows on the preview window of the operator screen
  • DEMO
  • MACRO Function: short cut function of up to 10 commands
  • GPI (general purpose interface) 

  • Project Leader with 2 junior engineers and 1 FPGA developer.
  • Responsible for all aspect of the Development, from the preparation of the Specification through to the formal release and maintenance.
  • Implement Microcontroller firmware.
  • Digital logic design of SDRAM Interface, Video Effects, and Merge modules.
  • Implement Windows applications for development and manufacturing.
  • Implement Matlab code for algorithm simulations. 

  • 01/2004 ~ 09/2004: Custom FPGA Development for Video Effects and Mixing.
  • 09/2004 ~ 01/2006: NTSC Version Development
  • 01/2006 ~ 04/2006: PAL Version Development